Company Philosophy

The IT boom in the mid and late 1990s carried with it the promise of increases in efficiency, savings, and convenience for almost every market segment. Unfortunately, the beginning of 2000 witnessed the burst of the IT bubble. As a consequence, to this day there remain many markets that are yet to receive the benefit of those advances.

Organizations in these smaller markets are therefore left with a tough set of choices. Loosely partitioned, their options consist of (1) custom solutions by major technology firms that far exceed the revenue of the business, or (2) generic solutions that fail to meet one or more critical roles of the systems they replace.

Niche Technology is a company founded on the belief that affordable solutions can be produced to satisfy the intersection of needs for custom and flexible software. This means that Niche Technology makes and is willing to make software that meets the goals of those smaller market segments, sometimes referred to as "niche markets." Software in this category has two defining requirements: (1) it must be specific enough to meet the needs of clients in a given segment, and (2) it must remain flexible enough so that more than one client in that segment can efficiently use it.

The sum of these interests produce a clearly defined mission statement for Niche Technology: Create inexpensive, capable solutions for niche markets.

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