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Streamline your pre-registration operations and increase productivity.

Convention and conference administrators that use paper-based or partially electronic registration mechanisms are often burdened by the lack of availability of their data. A stack of papers or an excel/access file may not be with you at all times, and when multiple staff members need access the same information, availability or data consistency issues may arise. Moreover, these problems are compounded by the hassles of doing data entry when transferring a paper registration form to an electronic file.

Niche Technology's registration system functions as a web application, effectively eliminating all of these problems. Registration information--from products sold to payments received--is available anywhere, anytime from a standard web browser. Multiple convention of conference staff can simultaneously work off the same data without worrying about consistency issues. Best yet, all of this can take place while registration data (new orders placed, automated payments received) is updated in real-time.

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